Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Another insight in this week’s session was the inspiration of developing a C.V, Covering letter and interviews. Ray Naran one of the presenters from CCDU Wits University cited that a C.V is often used for elimination rather than selection and he also highlighted that “many interviews look for a reasons why they should not employ you rather than a reasons why they should”. This is where one needs to prove the employers wrong and show them that you are competent. A C.V represents yourself to the potential employers thus it needs to have positive representations of your qualifications and experience. Your C.V and covering letter should be outstanding; it is not something that you can work on over night but your input of time and energy. You need to gather your thoughts and reflect on your career and gaps in your careers and experience. Eileen, another presenter from CCDU, mentioned a lot of skills which are required in the work place such as presentation skills, problem solving skills, decision making, development focus etc. You need to reflect on these skills and see where the vacancy position suits you.

I find all these presentations very inspiring and motivating. I believe by the end of this month my mind will be flooding with knowledge. But one funny thing about all this is that all this knowledge we are getting from the WOW is irrelevant, what is relevant is how we are going to apply it.

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Adam N. Mukendi said...

Hi Chanda,
Your conclusion is right. We are learning new things with no garanty of being able to apply them succesfully. I do think the CV with its formalism will never present myself better than the chance offered by blogging through internet. Read what Roy B. wrote to Thomas and you will see that is totally right.