Monday, April 23, 2007


It’s amazing to ascertain that some things that we take for granted really matter in our lives and have impact on our lives. I discovered that most of us do not know how to deal with conflicts and yet we deal with it everyday at home or workplace. Many of us believe that conflicts are always associated with negative behaviour. Berenice Dela Crox one of the presenters in this week’s session put some logic in us when she cited that conflict could result into optimum productivity if kept at the average level. This means that conflict helps the people involved to come up with the solution which can improve the productivity.

Generally we believe that conflict could result into low productivity because people are not aiming for one goal and are not working as a unit but as individuals. On the other hand it was interesting to learn that conflict can also be associated with positive results. At a work place there are people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, different principles, ideas and beliefs. When such people get involved in a conflict, they come up with different ideas and points of view. Thus one can learn from other people’s point of view and ideas if the conflict is handled in an assertive way. It can also be a learning experience or a catalyst to change productivity of people, if an organisation has a good conflict management in place.

However one has to realise that the conflict has to be on things which matter not petty things that do not add value to the organisation.