Monday, June 18, 2007


Its good to read that Suzan Arthur also received a positive attitude from the people at Brunswick. It is always the case, some people do complain about negative attitude towards new interns at the work place. Just to add some remarks on what Ijeoma highlighted. Most of the students who are serving articles in the Law firms complains of being used as administrators and messengers instead of practicing legal duties. I have a friend of mine who resigned from a Law Firm despite having a good stipend of about R6,500 and join the Legal Aid where he is getting R3000 stipend. He indicated that he was not learning any thing apart from being used as a messenger, delivering files from one court to the other and back in the office.
However, others are lucky to be found in a friendly environment. I’m now clocking two weeks at the work place and all I can say is that some people have been so friendly to me. They are others who are willing to take me around at lunchtime to show me places where I can get food and just to get familiar to the place. Although I was unfortunate, when I started work my supervisor immediately went for a two weeks leave, but he assigned me to the senior researcher, a consultant subcontracted by Ochre to help with the Rustenburg project and his assistant to be working with me and helping where it is required. So far, I have been busy working on the project in Rustenburg. I have been assigned to work with the field workers in Rustenburg, who are helping in data collection from different tourists destinations, which will be incorporated in the Rustenburg tourism route we are intending to develop. This includes the cultural and heritage sites, outdoors adventures, township/shebeens and mining. I have been helping in capturing the data from the questionnaires into the database and analyzing the data. I’m also helping with literature review on other projects, which will be working on next month.