Tuesday, May 8, 2007


It has been an enjoyable experience attending the world of work internship programme. As we approach the ultimate week of the programme, the presentations from the various speakers are getting even more interesting. This morning we had a particularly inspiring session with Elspeth Kempe whose presentation focussed on business writing skills, a valuable skill, particularly for some of us where English is our second language. We learnt how to use language tactfully and the correct usage of language when conversing with colleagues and other staff members more senior than us. She spiced up the presentation by demonstrating a layout and presentation of a CV which is able to win you a job.

The afternoon session with Des Patel was as useful as the one we had in the morning. Her session on the presentation skills was clearly demonstrated by they way she went about her presentation. Presentation is all about selling yourself first and your services. We learned about the benefits of presentations, some risks involved, and the various typical pitfalls of presenters. She introduced us to the presentation process, design and packaging, and also suggested criteria for presentation structure and the use of visual aids. The two activities we had during the session on presentations were extremely useful for the actual presentation awaiting us on Friday. For me it was a wake up call, to focus on my weaknesses and work on them before the actual day of the presentations.


Valentin said...

Dear Beauty, I am lad to see that you have taken useful thoughts and ideas with you after yesterday's session. I did the same.
It is a pity that it gets the most exciting right at the end, when we are coming closer to the end of the programme. How do you feel?
But we'll still see each other, I hope!

Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

I quite enjoyed Des Patel's session. I dread public speaking but she made it seem so easy. I hope the confidence I gained will sustain me thru Friday.

Thomas Blaser said...

The good message is that you can always improve your writing and presentation skills. You have never learnt enough. So things do not become monotonous.

Valentin said...

your presentation was marvellous today.
You really shared with a lot of sincerety, excitement and joy everything that you have learnt during the WOW training programme.
I think everybody beleieved every word you said; it sounded so real and straight from the heart!
Well sone!